Spice products provide taste and color in food. In addition, many spice concentrates have aseptic properties. In the field of spice extracts, we offer over 400 different articles. These include in particular:

  • Spice extracts on carriers
  • Spice mixtures
  • Oils
  • Oleoresins (water- or oil-soluble)
  • Flavours

Compared to the conventional raw spices, spice extracts from our range offer you decisive advantages. Extract spices are:

  • Particularly pure and germ-free
  • Standardizable with consistent seasoning properties
  • More storable than raw spices
  • Natural

Our spice extracts on carriers are particularly easy to dose. The desired spice concentrates are applied onexcipients such as:

  • Salt
  • Dextrose
  • Sugar

Here are some examples from our product range.

  • Coriander oil
  • Curcuma Oleoresin
  • Lemon flavor
  • Garlic extract on salt
  • Cinnamon extract on sugar
  • Ginger Oleoresin