Additives, supplements and special developments in the food industry

Extrakta Strauss offers a wide range of additives and supplements for the production of food.

Our core competencies lie in the areas of coating with lipid-based and water-soluble components, grinding, extraction and the mixing of spice components. In addition to our standard products, we offer special developments and contract productions for our customers in the bakery and confectionery industry, in meat and fish production, as well as in the convenience and beverage industry.

In addition, we offer solutions for the production of vegan and vegetarian alternatives (meat substitutes), using a variety of our spice products to enhance taste, color and usage.

Our key resources are our know-how as a supplier to the food industry, which has grown over decades, our innovative product concepts, the specially developed process technology, as well as our quality-oriented production process.

Our core competencies:


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Würzmittel, Marinaden und Soßen

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Fleisch und Fisch

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Vegan und Vegetarisch

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